Congratulations on the start of your exciting journey to study abroad! The first step to a successful study experience is understanding your English language proficiency. Perhaps you’ve been told that you need to take the ELTiS test before you can study in the U.S. The ELTiS is a language test that measures your listening and reading comprehension skills in English. Before you take the test, take a practice test to prepare yourself.


The test measures school-based listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar–the language students need to understand and benefit from instruction in high school classes in the U.S. Take the practice test to know more.

Take the practice test and read the test-taking tips. Increase your reading in English: read anything that you are interested in. Notice when you are not sure if you understand, and occasionally check words and phrases if you cannot work out the meaning from the context. When listening to music or watching media, actively listen when the audio is in English and focus on the meaning.

Bring at least one form of photo identification. If you are taking the paper test, you will need a pencil and eraser. You will not be allowed to use any reference materials during the test. If you are not sure what the storage facilities are like at your test location, it is best to leave valuables such as your phone at home.

The listening test is about 35 minutes and the reading test is about 45 minutes. The online test is self-paced.

The ELTiS test can only be taken through organizations and agents that have been authorized to arrange tests. Contact your local exchange program.

Your score will be available through the agency where you took the test immediately after you complete the test.

Most U.S. high schools accept ELTiS for the J1 program. Check with your local exchange program agency for specific schools.