Testing Partners

Valid and reliable. Instant scoring. Cost effective.

Each year students from all over the world embark on exciting new adventures to the U.S. and other countries to experience new cultures, learn new languages, and experience different academic environments. Student exchange organizations play a dynamic role in facilitating a smooth transition and placement for these students. Determining a student’s English language proficiency is vital to providing the right support and experience.

The English Language Test for International Students (ELTiS) is the ideal solution for serving these language testing needs.

  • Quick and easy to administer; approximately 70 minutes for both test parts
  • Secure and standardized testing—scripted test administration ensures that all test takers experience the same test-taking environment
  • Comprehensive Results:  ELTiS provides scaled scores for listening and reading, as well as a combined overall score that indicates the English proficiency level of students
  • High Quality: 
  • Valid and reliable
  • Ease of administration and scoring:  Process student applications effortlessly with onsite administration and instant scoring with no complicated processes and no waiting weeks for test results
  • Comprehensive results for efficient decision making:  Scores help you with selection and placement decisions into language programs, public and private schools
  • Cost-effective compared to other similar tests
  • Endorsed by CSIET (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel)
  • Easy to switch: If you are currently using the discontinued SLEP test, an equating study is being conducted in partnership with CSIET members

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