Accommodated Materials

Accommodated materials are available for the ELTiS. We have an Accommodated Materials Lending Library that you can use to borrow a Form 1 or Form 2 Large Print Test Set or a Form 1 uncontracted Braille Test Set. If you choose to use the Lending Library, you will receive a package with your selected materials on loan. Once you have administered the test, you return the borrowed materials to Ballard & Tighe. Your costs are limited to the shipping of the materials. If you fail to return the materials or if they are found unusable upon return, you will be invoiced the replacement cost for the materials. For more information about the Accommodated Materials Lending Library, please contact Melissa Cortez at


Accommodated Components

Large Print Test Booklets
The Large Print Test Booklets contain the Listening and Reading items in a large print format. The entire test booklet is in black and white to accommodate students with color blindness.


Large Print Answer Sheet
The Large Print student Answer Sheet is meant for students to mark their answers on. An examiner will need to transfer a student’s answers to a regular ELTiS Answer Sheet for scoring.


Accommodated Listening CD
The Accommodated Listening CD includes the script for the Listening Test with pauses for students who need extra time to answer questions.


Braille Test Booklet*
The Form 1 Braille Test Booklet contains the Listening and Reading items in uncontracted braille.



Administration Instructions
There are three different administration instruction manuals available for accommodated materials: the Large Print Administration Instructions, the Extended-Time Administration Instructions, and the Braille Administration Instructions. Each of the accommodated administration instruction manuals are meant to supplement the ELTiS Examiner’s Manual.



*The Braille Test materials for the ELTiS are available for Form 1 only.